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Fellowships overview

The IHR has two broad categories of Fellowship: Senior and Junior. The online application system is for Junior Research Fellowships (JRFs), stipendiary Fellowships for doctoral students or early career researchers, which are tenable at the IHR for up to one year; and for Senior Research Fellowships (SRFs), non-stipendiary Fellowships for senior historians, tenable for a five-year term.

Other elements of the Senior Fellowship stream include Honorary and Associate Fellowships, and Visiting Scholars; these positions are to be applied for outside of the online application system. Further details on eligibility and application procedures may be found here:

How to apply for an award, prize, JRF, or SRF online

Select the ‘Create a new account’ option above and follow the instructions to set up your password-protected user account. To maintain the integrity of the system, accounts are manually approved once a day. This may have implications on being set up to proceed with making your application. In particular, if you apply for an account on a Friday, it is likely that this will not be authorised until the following Monday. Please allow for this delay when planning your applications. You only need apply for one user account, even if you are applying for several different IHR Fellowship competitions.

Once you have created a new account, please remember to download and read a copy of the application guidelines.

Thank you for your interest in IHR Fellowships. Good luck!